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EHEIM TWIN Automatic Feeder

If you have those little fishes in your reef tank, you know how difficult it is to keep them fed all day especially when you are a working person who usually gets to stay all day out of home. Eheim Twin automatic feeder is the solution that keeps you free from the worries of keeping your fishes fed all day while you are out to work. Why just working people, I am pretty sure, even if you are a homemaker or a person who works from home, you are sure to take a day or two off from home once in a while. An automatic feeder is a must for every aquarist. You can also take off for vacations if you have a feeder as this to take care of your dear fishes.


All you have to do is program the feeding times and the amount of food that is to be given out to the fishes per feed. Eheim feeder ventilates the precise amount of food at exactly the set interval of time. There is also a “snack” button that lets you manually feed the fishes in between if you feel like it is time you give them a small snack to gain energy from all the working around.

All the keys from where you operate the function are completely water proof. This device runs on battery but if you are worrying about what of the battery gets dead one bad day and your fishes remain unfed, there is a pre-planned solution for this. You start getting a warning note when your battery starts getting low and you can actually see what the current level of your battery is. Eheim twin automatic feeder fits on the opening at the aquarium hoods.

The older model of Eheim feeder is meant for the smaller fish feeder that eat only flakes but this TWIN feeder with two separate chambers is meant to contain different types of food. Various kinds of foods like granules, sticks, pellets, flakes, etc can now be automatically fed at desired alternate intervals. There is no risk of the foods messing up with each other inside the chambers. Dual chambers also have the advantage of food supply for all livestock in the swimming zones

Drums are individually programmable and both drums are aerated. You can use the random dosing mode for manual feeding at regular intervals. Multiple feeding options are really a pro especially if your tank is habitat to different kind of fishes that prefer different kind of diet. Dispensing a varied diet through the same automatic feeder was the only drawback with the older models. This twin feeder seems to cover that very well.

You also get the option to accommodate various feeding levels like surface, mid-water, and bottom by using sinking pellets, floating fish food, or slow-sinking granules depending on the kind of fishes you have in your tank. The two 80 ml capacity chambers can be controlled autonomously for routine feedings intervals.

The display area is large with all settings clearly visible. There is a time zone that permanently displays time. You can set the timers for up to 3 feed times in 24 hours. Up to 9 turns per feed time can be set for feeding intervals. There is a “Diet Function” which lets you skip one day every 7 days for feeding.