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Featured Reeflander – Basile – Custom 150G Saphire w/ 75g Display Refugium

A bit about me , just retired at 51 i had enough!! My doctor said i was stressed out so I’m taking the year OFF. Semi retired i should say because i don’t think i can stay put. Because my trade, Chef onships; i couldn’t have a permanent saltwater tank . This time i gave myself a retirement gift. I’m having a custom made system from Concept Aquariums from Calgary. A starphire 150 G reef tank and a 75 G display refugium . This next picture was my old 65 G tank the one i lost in a blow out because of the stand a few years ago.

Its my first big system and i was going to the max , as of now everything is running so well and without all these, just wondering.

I’ve build myself a hell of a system! Now with some of the components not yet installed for diverse reasons , and its been 2 months that my tank has been running with out them and i’m starting to wonder if i really need them. Does anyone has that impression on some of their stuff.

Example. My Apex Neptune Controller is not set up yet because near the end and its seem i’m not the only one we seem when it comes to big system run out of steam or motivation. Specially when its been a while you’ve been building it. So my temp probe, ph probe, orp probe, aren’t plugged in obviously and neither is all the controlled function yet, i don’t have a router yet. For X reasons, the point is , some of those gadgets , im starting to think i may not replace when the time comes. Any of you started with all these and not reorder them after the first try, because they were not useful or necessary, or relevant to your tank ?