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Featured Reeflander – chrisfont23 – Sweet 90 Gallon Build

You can read the Play by Play here –

Here’s some highlights: Sand from marcorocks, Eheim pumps, Ecoxotic LED’s, Vortech MP10’s, sweet mature corals, great build.

The tale of the tape for the next week or two:

  • Stand is coming Thrs. Tank is coming Friday. I have decided to use MarcoRocks Aquarium Products for my sand. I will be using 80 lbs of Bahama Aragonite in my DT and then “craft” a 5-6 inch DSB in the fuge from what is in my 29g currently. Hope not to disturb it too much. Sump will take some time.
  • Next up… rock. I will be adding the 50 lbs in my 29 now to the new tank. So I am looking to add about 50 base and then another 25 lbs, most likely split between DT and fuge. That will total 125 lbs between the DT and fuge.
  • Third on the list is electricity. I will be putting in a dedicated circuit for the tank on it’s own breaker. In time, I will outfit this breaker and my boiler room breaker to a plug that can be run on my generator.
  • Finally – water.I have a 37 gallon Brute Garbage Can with a power head running. I am using 1/4 waste from my water changes and 3/4 new.

Unfortunately, the tank will cycle with a standard light until I can swing LEDs.

You can follow his build thread here –