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Reefland Elite Sponsor: Deep Sea Aquatics

In a time when other companies are trying to meet a minimum standard with thin glass, thin frames, and sloppy workmanship, Deep Sea Aquatics is setting the NEW STANDARD in high end, Luxury Aquariums. When it comes time for your aquarium, please ask for Deep Sea Aquatics!

When a corporate decision was made to close the Oceanic Systems aquarium manufacturing plant in Dallas, Texas, and relocate the operation to another city, a new independent company was formed: Deep Sea Aquatics. Although a select number of Oceanic employees received offers to relocate, not one of them did! As a result, Deep Sea Aquatics is staffed with highly trained and skilled Aquarium Manufacturing Craftsmen.

Although Deep Sea Aquatics is supported by many other people, this is the core team that makes things happen. We were all trained “Back in the Day” and have developed the skills needed to deliver the quatlity you expect in a Luxury Aquarium.