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Free Sample Time – Coral Frenzy Reef Pellet 0.5mm

FREE SAMPLE – One of our favorite ELITE Sponsors is giving away 25 free samples of our favorite coral food.  Get some here and make sure to let them know how much you love FREE STUFF –

From Coral Frenzy –
We want to send out 25 samples of our new Coral Frenzy 0.5mm Reef Pellet. Each envelope will contain 1 small packet of the pellet.

We will mail out the samples to the first 25 members who reply to this thread. If you see that you are one of the first 25 members please PM us your name and address so we can get them ready to send out.

It would be great if you could like us on Facebook at

It would also be great if you could like Reefland at

Needless to say but only 1 envelope will be sent to each household. Due to customs issues we unfortunately cannot mail these out of the USA. We hope everybody understands.

If you miss out on this one don’t worry, we will be doing this periodically.

Thanks again and Happy Reefing!

Coral Frenzy