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Ecotech marine reeflink and how it can help you.

So the reeflink has been out for some time now I guess you can say I’m a little late to the party. I never really had a need for it until I got this L1 pump. Now with two MP 40s and the Vectra L1 it made more sense to get. Yep you guessed it I got mine from what makes this so great is I can have feed mode with the push of a button on my phone. I can also program Each pump individually for a 24 hour period with different modes. I will also get notifications that I lost power if something were to go wrong. Setting this up took little time, plug it in your computer and connect it to your Wi-Fi or you can connect it with Ethernet cable. If you have the old MP style W ES pumps like I do you’ll just need to do a quick download to the drivers. Then you had your pumps and you’ll spend more time programming them then you did downloading anything lol. Not that it’s hard just that you have a lot of different options now you’re not just stuck with one mode. The app makes things a lot easier or you can use your PC or laptop all in all it is definitely worth $100.

Happy Reefing