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DIY guide to making concrete reef tank

The new trend in aquarium keeping especially in reef aquariums is building concrete tanks. Why people prefer concrete tank is for their reliability and attractiveness. A concrete tank does not means it is to be made of concrete cement on all sides. The glass aquarium goes in with some precautions and only the display window remains visible in glass. Mostly… [Read More]

Fishless Cycling: best way to escape new tank syndrome

    In the previous the focus was on tackling new tank syndrome and the ways of fastening the nitrification process and ensuring lesser loss of fish during the initial period of tank set up. Some who are reluctant to lose any fish and completely pass over the new tank syndrome from causing any fish damage have another option to… [Read More]

New Tank Syndrom No Big Deal

      Beginners or even experienced aquarium keepers can get wedged with a common problem within a few months of setting up a new tank. The word new tank syndrome is not necessarily a problem that is associated with new tanks only. Even older tanks can face this issue sometime. To learn about cautions to be taken for preventing… [Read More]

Moving a reef tank

        It’s not often that one may face the necessity of moving a reef tank but there are times when you have to take these actions, be it due to job transfer or for study purposes. Moving a reef tank requires a lot of care and precautions and above all, pre planning. Every little part is delicate… [Read More]

Prohibited Ones for Reef Tanks

        Making the tank look colorful and attractive is what every reef keeper longs for. With an effort to add that extra vibrant hue to the reef tank, there are many of us who end up adding a disastrous element to the tank. Remember all that glitters is not gold and all that looks good might not… [Read More]

Improving darker photos

Every once in a while you’ll take a photo of a fish, or creature in your aquarium, and be really pleased with the image. However, it may be that it’s a tad dark, or the colors don’t seem quite right. One of the first things to consider when working with images is whether it’s in RGB or CMYK. You’ve probably… [Read More]

Aquariums, aquaculture and ethics

  We have many lectures and seminars at the aquarium, and we try and keep them aimed at the general public in terms of content and level. There’s not much point having someone come in to talk about a rare species of worm if no one is going to show up. A couple of months ago, we Skyped in a… [Read More]

Making your own rock

Following on from a previous recent article on on rock, it’s possible to make your own, as described here with some of the issues often associated with the process. Of course, there are many methods, and aquarium hobbyists and professionals alike get a great sense of satisfaction from creating something that works. As I work in an aquarium, we’ve… [Read More]

DIY To Curing Live Rocks

      Cured live rocks are usually costlier than the uncured ones and that is the reason why most of you would prefer to buy them uncured and does the curing procedure by yourself. That is no bad idea if you know the guidelines for curing them correctly and apprehensively. The most important fact that you got to keep… [Read More]

Water changing without a mess

The mess associated with water changing of any level of aquarium is a big trouble for most of the aquarium keepers. The irritated process of carrying heavy buckets to the place and  then carrying it back with the dirty water dripping from the sides make most of us tired and sometimes even to the extent of ignoring the overall process…. [Read More]

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