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DIY aquarium chiller

      An inexpensive aquarium chiller would be difficult to get especially if you are going to use them regularly as the cheaper ones will not sustain longer. The expensive ones you might not want to buy so there is also a way to create an aquarium chiller at home with quick and inexpensive appliances. Here is a rather… [Read More]

Aquarium chiller

      In reef tanks along with other equipments like lighting and water pumps, we also install heaters to raise the temperature enough to get going and the lights used are also of high intensity so there is a probability that water temperature might raise more than necessary and to the extent of cutting down oxygen supply in the… [Read More]

Rotifer culturing in saltwater tank

      Usually rotifers are cultured in freshwater tanks where they are kept for carrying valuable nutrients to young fry and filter-feeding invertebrates. But in saltwater tank too they can be highly beneficial to coral’s nutrition and growth. They are extremely small and multiply very quickly so they can become many in just a short period of time. The… [Read More]

Planting Mangroves in Reef Tanks

    [google_adsense_in_post] The planting of mangroves in a reef tank is not a new idea but lately gained a lot of interest by many aquarists. It was first tried by Julian Sprung who later got it published in a German aquarium magazine from where it became practiced by many aquarists. He planted small mangroves in his own 15 gallon… [Read More]

What to look for while picking an Aquarium Store

    When you are about to buy livestock for your aquarium you look for the appropriate source where quality is taken care of. Every time you may not want to depend on online ordering of corals and fishes especially need to be bought from a good retail store where hygiene is god and you are ensured that the new… [Read More]

Effects of GFO in a saltwater tank

        GFO or Granulated Ferric Oxide is used in aquariums for removing phosphates. GFO is efficient in doing this by chemical reaction in which phosphate combines with the GFO, removing it from the water column. It will also bind together other organic compounds and certain metals that are not required in a saltwater tank, thus removing them… [Read More]

Leather corals – easy yet tough to keep

      Most of us consider leather corals to be an easy starter coral at least until you see it shedding away. Leather corals are a term used for a number of corals of whom the bulk belongs to the genus Sarcophyton even if there are a number of other corals that are called leather corals. There are many… [Read More]

Vodka dosing in reef tank

    Since the past few years there have been experiments regarding opinions of reputed aquarists about vodka dosing for Probiotics. Probiotics is basically promoting certain psudonomus bacteria with an available carbon source in order to reduce NO3 (Nitrate) and PO3 (Phosphate) levels in saltwater aquariums. In previous posts we have discussed new tank syndrome and ways to tackle. This… [Read More]

Recovery of bleached corals

        Temperature instability is considered the chief reason for coral bleaching. In natural reef, global warming is raising the temperature and leading to bleaching of corals. [google_adsense_in_post] Zooxanthellae, which is the agent contributing to the various colorations in corals is expelled by the corals when it is stressed due to intense temperature or changed water conditions. Sometimes… [Read More]

Coral turf in reef tank

        In a natural reef, the corals are in a completion for space and spread out to the extreme covering as much of the substrate as may be available. Most corals have a tendency to spread their branches as much as possible. This is why most people think that keeping corals in a tank is quite difficult… [Read More]

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