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Equipment: Bubble Magus Curve Skimmers

Bubble Magus Curve Skimmers are a new design of skimmer in which the body of the skimmer is arranged in a whine glass shape. This helps the curve protein skimmer perform better than traditional body styles.  They range in price from $199 to $399 and are available from online retailers like this. CURVE 5 (140G) Pump: Bubble Magus ROCK –… [Read More]

Creature Feature: Strawberry Crab

These crabs are very easy to care for.  The Strawberry crap is semi-aggressive which means he won’t attack other crabs or snails most of the time.  This crab is reef freiendly, he will not try to eat your corals or fish.  The Strawberry crab is also known as the Red Boxing Crab.  He originates from the pristine waters of  Hawaii.  Their really sweet front… [Read More]

Feature: Linckia Star – Linckia spp.

One of our favorite Stars of a Reef aquarium, Blue Linckia can be a great addition.  These starts required a bit of extra care but once they are introduced then can be very successful in a large well established tank.   They are very personable and will contort themselves into making tons of weird looking configurations.  Some times even appearing… [Read More]

Coral Frenzy & Detroit Coral Farms Feeding

Coral Frenzy really gets those corals going! Check out this feeding response video. So Cool. CORAL FRENZY is the perfect alternative for those who do not have the time, discipline, or desire to feed live or frozen foods.

Feature: Mexican Turbo Snail – Turbo fluctuosa

The BEAST from the EAST as I like to call it.  The Mexican Turbo Snail is a favorite part of any cleanup crew.  Turbos are large algae grazing snails that are perfect for a reef tank with a lot of algae.  They can grow upwards of 4 inches although in home aquaria you usually don’t see them larger then 2… [Read More]

Red Sea Max 130/130D Circulation Pump Upgrade Kit

Have a Red Sea Max 130/130D, all in one?  Red Sea has redesigned the pumps in these tanks.  Previously this tank required 2 small replacement pump to handle the main flow of the system.  Not anymore.  Red Sea designed a single pump that now replaces BOTH of the S-980’s.  You now only need one pump to replace both the older… [Read More]

Featured Reeflander – Basile – Custom 150G Saphire w/ 75g Display Refugium

A bit about me , just retired at 51 i had enough!! My doctor said i was stressed out so I’m taking the year OFF. Semi retired i should say because i don’t think i can stay put. Because my trade, Chef onships; i couldn’t have a permanent saltwater tank . This time i gave myself a retirement gift. I’m… [Read More]

Macro Algae And Their Benefits In Aquarium

Growing plant like structures in saltwater tanks is something really exciting for aquarists and the best that can help in this formation are macro algae. There are many types of macro algae that will grow into plant like structures adding color and attraction to your aquarium. Halimeda, Caulerpa, and other large celled algae are helpful additions to a saltwater aquarium… [Read More]

Aiptasia – understanding, control and removal

[google_adsense_in_post] Aiptasia is a widespread and useless guest in saltwater aquariums, also known as Glass, Rock, Tube, or Glass Rose anemones, and they have a capacity to multiply rapidly and contending for food and space assertively. They often come uninvited hitchhiking in live rock or on coral colonies, waiting for the best time to grow in your aquarium. Every saltwater… [Read More]

Setting The Location Of a Reef Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] It is significant to decide upon the place where you are about to set up a new reef tank. A reef tank is quite different from a freshwater or a saltwater fish-only tank hence requires extra efforts when you are about to set it up. Unless absolutely necessary you cannot move the reef tank from one place to the… [Read More]

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