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Improving darker photos

Every once in a while you’ll take a photo of a fish, or creature in your aquarium, and be really pleased with the image. However, it may be that it’s a tad dark, or the colors don’t seem quite right. One of the first things to consider when working with images is whether it’s in RGB or CMYK. You’ve probably… [Read More]

A cheap photo close-up option

Did you ever buy a photography magazine and become enthusiastic about an article, eager to try the techniques for yourself?? You want to get the same results, only to read the equipment the photographer used, finding out that you’ll need a couple of thousand dollars to buy it all, and it’s not even cheap used on ebay. While I do… [Read More]

Light it right!

    Lighting the Aquarium has always been a debatable topic for aquarists who have their own choices regarding selection of lighting methods. While some still prefer florescent lights, many have switched to Led lights due to its moderation of heat and temperature of water. As we know Led lights generate lesser heat than any other source of light, it… [Read More]

Protein Skimmers – How About A Little Bubbly?

Equipment ReviewProtein Skimmers – How About A Little Bubbly? By: Scott Zachow To skim or not to skim? That has been a highly debated topic by many aquarist; both have factual reasoning behind their arguments. As with many other things in the hobby, people can be successful with and without skimmers; that is as long as there is an aggressive… [Read More]

Overflows and Sumps

Beginners Journey: Overflows and Sumps By: Scott Zachow Most aquarists use sumps on their marine tanks for various reasons. The two main reasons are to add water volume to the system and to provide a place to keep vital equipment out of sight. For the seasoned aquarist, a sump is useful for most setups. For those new to the hobby,… [Read More]

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