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AquaMaxx Synergy Plus 2-Part Calcium & Alkalinity Supplements

AquaMaxx Synergy Plus is concentrated and ionically balanced. This calcium and alkalinity supplement work synergistically to help maintain and stabilize the calcium, alkalinity and pH levels in your aquarium. The `Plus` being the inclusion of iodine, strontium, bromide, boron, trace elements, and a high amount of magnesium, this formulation will help to boost the growth of your corals and ensure… [Read More]

AquaMaxx Biopellet Reactor

  [google_adsense_in_post] One of the recent method trending reef aquariums is the use of solid polymers called “biopellets” or “bioplastics”. They endow with a carbon source and habitat for good bacteria to settle. These bacteria devour the carbon source and also take in nitrates and phosphates, plummeting and removing these harmful nutrients from the water. The bacteria are as a… [Read More]

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