az egészségbiztosítás hordozhatóságáról és elszámoltathatóság törvény hipaa gyermek egészségügyi Szövetség óra után

What is this? Nutrient Export?

What do all algae (and cyano too) need to survive? Nutrients. What are nutrients? Ammonia/ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and urea are the major ones. Which ones cause most of the algae in your tank? These same ones. Why can’t you just remove these nutrients and eliminate all the algae in your tank? Because these nutrients are the result of the… [Read More]

CAD Lights Pipeless PLS-100 Protein Skimmer

[google_adsense_in_post] Ever wondered what would be the next generation skimmers? Small in size and bigger on performance is the obvious answer. The latest product out there with this kind of feature is CAD Lights’ Pipeless PLS-100 Protein Skimmer which is just 100g and 4.75″ X 4.75″, fitting easily into the tiniest space you can afford to it. The compressed design… [Read More]

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