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10 Step DIY To Buid A Reef Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] STEP 1 So, what’s your plan for a Reef Tank? Recollect all the glimpses about your desired Reef Tank appearance and it’ll take just few minutes for you to prepare the list of features that you wish to have in your tank. You can also consider recognizing few of the unused products (toys, pebbles, lights, etc.) in your house… [Read More]

Texas A&M Installs 300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

[google_adsense_in_post] Texas A&M has installed a new 300 gallon saltwater aquarium on the lower level of the university’s Texas A&M Memorial Student Center. The 300-gallon saltwater aquarium is an Earth Day gift to the Brazos Valley from the Texas Sea Grant College Program at Texas A&M and has been installed on the lower level of the Memorial Student Center (MSC)… [Read More]

Zooplanktons for your Reef Aquarium

              Zooplanktons are considered fanciful by reef aquarists and recently many are taking up the effort to raise some of these to gain that extra natural look in their aqua world. However not all Zooplanktons are to be experimented with. Here we have discussed a few that are safe and reef compatible. Copepods [google_adsense_in_post]… [Read More]

Ruby Red Dragonet Making Splash Everywhere and Yet a Mystery

[google_adsense_in_post] A dazzling ruby red dragonet of the genus Synchiropus has made a big splatter in aquariums around the world. It started to show off in South Africa, and then on to Singapore, Japan and Los Angeles, the brilliant red dragonet has been spotted in shipments of red scooter blennies from a unique collection location in the Philippines. The guesses… [Read More]

Thrive Water Lab’s High Technology

[google_adsense_in_post] The Thrive Water Lab made a big show when it was announced a couple of months ago. There have been questions and discussions about it ever since it was revealed as it looked something different and larger than any other launch in the aquarium industry. The aquarium world is sincerely waiting for this device though we still didn’t know… [Read More]

The snakelocks anemone bred for the first time in captivity

[google_adsense_in_post] Researchers from Granada have succeeded to breed for the first time in captivity a marine animal known as the snakelocks anemone,(Anemonia sulcata), and have also begun breeding a species of sea cucumber (Sticophus regalis),although this process is still in its initial stages. Both species have great culinary potential and possess excellent nutritional properties. As well as these two species… [Read More]

Fanworms and Feather Dusters For your Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] Fanworms and feather dusters are among some of the most beautiful marine aquarium inhabitants. They are actually annelids and are related to earthworms. These worms are sedentary, sessile and fixed to a spot. They have a segmented body protected within a tube. They have paired gills which are used for respiration and feeding. Sabellids: The sabellids construct a tube… [Read More]

Bulb Plants For Your Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] The choice of bulb plants for your tank is very wide. Most appreciated bulb plant varieties are Aponogeton boivinianus, Aponogeton capuroni, Aponogeton henkelianus, Aponogeton madagascarensis, Aponogeton natans, Aponogeton stachysporus and Aponogeton ulvaceus. There is also Barclaya longofolia, Crinum natans, Crinum thaianum, Nuphar japonica ‘Spatterdock’, Nymphaea stellata, Nymphaea ‘Tiger lotus green’, Nymphaea ‘Tiger lotus red’ and Barclaya longifolia ‘Red form’…. [Read More]

Finding Nemo finds its sequel – “Finding Dory”

The sequel to Finding Nemo is due to hit in 2015. Disney’s Pixar Animation Studio is all set to produce “Finding Dory” with all the favorite marine heroes like Nemo, Marlin, the Tank Gang, and of course, Dory. The film will purportedly be set along the California coast and, apparently, focus on Ellen DeGeneres’ character, Dory. Well we know that… [Read More]

Dosing Kalkwasser in Reef Tanks

[google_adsense_in_post] The reef tank is exposed to air and the storage pumps are circulating the water throughout the filtering system causing significant amount of evaporation. You will need to replace the evaporated water regularly. “The water evaporates. Not the salt”. Do not add salt mix with the make-up water. This may result in higher salinity. Adding make-up water provides good… [Read More]

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