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Third Graders learn to manage their own reef tanks

We were literally spellbound to see third graders of Garden Hills Elementary learning to manage their own reef setup. We hardly knew what a reef tank was until sixth or seventh grade and look at these geniuses playing with hefty protein skimmers or actually fitting them. Mr. Rutherford is awesome truly for the kids there are learning to work with… [Read More]

Reef Aquarium Volume 3 comes on iTunes

The admired Reef Aquarium Volume 3 has just been released in digital form on iBooks. You can’t call it an ebook, but the third volume in the revered The Reef Aquarium series is available to read and view on your iPad and other iDevices. TRA3, the newly released digital version weighs practically nothing, and is substantially searchable and you can… [Read More]

The MagnaFuge LED light by Innovative Marine

The nano fanatics at Innovative Marine are bacxk with their pre-MACNA product announcements with one more addition to their Auqa Gadget lineup. The MagnaFuge LED light fixture is a refugium light for the all-in-one Nuvo aquariums. It is mounted straight to the back of the tank via neodymium magnets, and after a little peeling off of the black film, lights… [Read More]

A Senior Student Breathes Life Into School Aquarium

James Demolina, a senior student at West High School, Anchorage, seems to be a reef enthusiast for it was he who envisioned what an unused tank at his school could be built into. His passion for oceanography led him to think beyond everyone else and in the picture you can see what changes it brought about. For West High School… [Read More]

Removal of Shark Led to Decline in Reef Growth

The unbridled overfishing of sharks, over and over again exclusively for their fins, is causing a detrimental chain reaction that could drastically mortify coral reef systems, a decade-long Australian-led study has recently found. Scientists from Australia and Canada, led by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, found out that the removal of sharks from two far-flung reef systems led to… [Read More]

Dormero Hotel Rotes Ross Reef Aquarium

The Domero Hotel Rotes Ross has an exclusively beautiful reef tank that catches the attention of visitors more than anything else in the hotel. The video of the tank got recently featured at Youtube and was soon popular among reef enthusiasts. The tank is so beautifully stocked with colorful corals and fishes that I could not help but wonder how… [Read More]

Welcome The New Coral Reef Species From The Gambier Islands

The remote and poorly studied Gambier Islands, French Polynesia, has surprised scientists with a new coral species, Echinophyllia tarae, the occurrence of which is yet not credited to any other place. Echinophyllia tarae dwells in protected reef habitats and was found between 5 and 20 meters depth. It is a zooxanthellate species which usually grows on dead coral fragments, which… [Read More]

Deep-Sea Squid with Tentacle Tips can ‘Swim’ on their own

Most deep-sea animals use parts of their body as entices to attract prey and some deep-sea squids are also fond of this tactic. In a recent paper, researchers associated with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) describe a deep-sea squid that seems to use a dissimilar method to lure prey — its tentacle tips flap and flutter as if… [Read More]

800 GPH Powerhead Aquarium Pump Wave Maker

Do you keep your aquarium as a showpiece in your drawing room or is it your hobby? Do you love ocean or just the fish? Do you love the colours of fish or the blue water in your living room? If you love ocean, do you want a real feel of the waves or in case you love your fish… [Read More]

Aquadream at Moroccan Mall

year at the new Morocco Mall in Casablanca. Aquadream, the 9.3 meter tall acrylic aquarium designed and built by International Concept Management, Inc. (ICM), is the centerpiece of the deluxe Moroccan mall. ICM designed the acrylic aquarium as an engaging experience focusing on the importance of preserving the world’s oceans. To accomplish this, the one million liter acrylic aquarium –… [Read More]

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