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Free Sample Time – Coral Frenzy Reef Pellet 0.5mm

FREE SAMPLE – One of our favorite ELITE Sponsors is giving away 25 free samples of our favorite coral food.  Get some here and make sure to let them know how much you love FREE STUFF – From Coral Frenzy – We want to send out 25 samples of our new Coral Frenzy 0.5mm Reef Pellet. Each envelope will… [Read More]

Best of April Fools Jokes – Our Industry

Bulk Reef Supply Debuts – Flat Packed Aquarium – The most wallet-friendly 70 gallon tank you’ll find on the market. ORA Farms – Now moving from Fish Breeding to Making Fish Cookies – Electric Clown Fish Preorder Advanced Aquarist – Clownwhale        

What is this? Nutrient Export?

What do all algae (and cyano too) need to survive? Nutrients. What are nutrients? Ammonia/ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and urea are the major ones. Which ones cause most of the algae in your tank? These same ones. Why can’t you just remove these nutrients and eliminate all the algae in your tank? Because these nutrients are the result of the… [Read More]

New Product Alert – JBJ Rimless Nano Cube RL-45

Wow, these new tanks from JBJ are sweet.  If your in the market for an all in one nano tank, you have to look into these.  Prices are around $300 for the larger sized.  They feature all in one 3 stage filtration, 8 mm bent glass, tempered glass lids and clips. They offer 4 different sizes – 8 Gallon, 20… [Read More]

Reefland Elite Sponsor: Deep Sea Aquatics

In a time when other companies are trying to meet a minimum standard with thin glass, thin frames, and sloppy workmanship, Deep Sea Aquatics is setting the NEW STANDARD in high end, Luxury Aquariums. When it comes time for your aquarium, please ask for Deep Sea Aquatics! When a corporate decision was made to close the Oceanic Systems aquarium manufacturing… [Read More]

Featured Reeflander – chrisfont23 – Sweet 90 Gallon Build

You can read the Play by Play here – Here’s some highlights: Sand from marcorocks, Eheim pumps, Ecoxotic LED’s, Vortech MP10’s, sweet mature corals, great build. The tale of the tape for the next week or two: Stand is coming Thrs. Tank is coming Friday. I have decided to use MarcoRocks Aquarium Products for my sand. I will be… [Read More]

Equipment: Bubble Magus Curve Skimmers

Bubble Magus Curve Skimmers are a new design of skimmer in which the body of the skimmer is arranged in a whine glass shape. This helps the curve protein skimmer perform better than traditional body styles.  They range in price from $199 to $399 and are available from online retailers like this. CURVE 5 (140G) Pump: Bubble Magus ROCK –… [Read More]

Creature Feature: Strawberry Crab

These crabs are very easy to care for.  The Strawberry crap is semi-aggressive which means he won’t attack other crabs or snails most of the time.  This crab is reef freiendly, he will not try to eat your corals or fish.  The Strawberry crab is also known as the Red Boxing Crab.  He originates from the pristine waters of  Hawaii.  Their really sweet front… [Read More]

Feature: Linckia Star – Linckia spp.

One of our favorite Stars of a Reef aquarium, Blue Linckia can be a great addition.  These starts required a bit of extra care but once they are introduced then can be very successful in a large well established tank.   They are very personable and will contort themselves into making tons of weird looking configurations.  Some times even appearing… [Read More]

Coral Frenzy & Detroit Coral Farms Feeding

Coral Frenzy really gets those corals going! Check out this feeding response video. So Cool. CORAL FRENZY is the perfect alternative for those who do not have the time, discipline, or desire to feed live or frozen foods.